Is Zeolite The Best Way To Detox The Body?

In looking at the best way to detox the body, rather than declare Zeolite the premium method, perhaps we should look at why we need to detox, and the various ways to achieve this.

For some reason, even though we see amazing results when people reduce the level of toxins in their bodies, many Doctors believe that the body detoxes naturally, or that detox is a scam designed to extract money from the unsuspecting public. From my perspective, with 30 years experience detoxing, I would say that detoxing is essential to maintain vital health. There are a couple of reasons for this.

  1. First of all, very few of us lead an ideal lifestyle with ample exercise, balanced nutrition, and even clean water. In our modern world, diet tends to be acidic and a pH less than 7.0 is a furtive ground for sickness and disease. In face experts assert that inflammation is the cause of all disease. This happens when your immune response is compromised, or pH lowered to acidic levels.
  2. There is a second, more sinister reason we need to detox. Our world abounds in toxins. Heavy metals are contained in mineral deposits and in the course of mining and processing these minerals are released into the environment. There is potential for water supply contamination, air pollution, and consequently toxins present in the air we breathe and water we drink. These toxins reach agriculture and are the found in the food we eat. As we move forward, more and more toxins enter the food chain and we need to take action to remove them from our bodies, or suffer the consequences.

How Do We Reduce Toxicity and Acidity?

detox activated liquid zeolite toxinsWe know vaccination is an emotive topic, but we can learn something from the Science behind it. The old school idea is that by injecting toxins into our blood stream it evokes an immune response, generating antibodies to fight the disease. Unfortunately, the delivery of vaccines may involve the use of Aluminium or Mercury based compounds. These are 2 of the deadly Heavy Metals, that are known to cause all sorts of issues, even in small amounts. What vaccination does teach us, is that by boosting our immune response, our bodies are better able to fight off sickness and disease of any type. The development of treatments for Ebola in Africa, are aimed at achieving a better immune response to the presence of the disease. I know a leading Scientist who is at the forefront of vaccination research who says that building Natural Immunity is the direction vaccination is headed.

One way of reducing toxicity promoted by many health professionals is flooding the body with high level nutrition. The idea is that by giving the body all the nutrients it requires, it can purge out what shouldn’t be there. This is OK to a point, but there is a challenge. Many of the thousands of artificially created toxins and some heavy metals do not react that well to this method. We need to get hold of them and remove them from the system. If we don’t they build up in the Colon, Liver, Kidneys, and eventually Thyroid. Any health condition in these areas is a sure indication of toxicity. While it is clear that high levels of nutrition work, it is a very inefficient way of achieving the goal of a toxin free body.

Detoxing, or removing toxins using agents to achieve this, is a more direct way of bring the body back into equilibrium and allowing the immune system to operate as it should, free of the burden of toxins. There are many ways to achieve this, including Colon Cleansing, various herbs, charcoal, infra-red saunas, and others. For heavy metals there are special medical chelators such as DMSA, and EDTA, that are designed to remove specific Heavy Metals from the body. While efficient, they have real challenges as they also drain the body of vital nutrients, and if not administered correctly can do more harm than good.

Enter Zeolite The New Way To Detoxify

natural cellular defense detoxification zeolite clinoptiloliteA more recent addition to this field is Zeolite. This mineral is found in nature as a bi-product of Volcanic eruptions. Stable at high temperatures, it is a rock that has unique qualities. The Zeolite molecules are hollow. This was discovered when Scientists heated Zeolites and steam emerged. Further study revealed they have a negative charge, which is great because most toxins are positively charged. The third benefit of this technology is that they contain toxins within the Zeolite cage, or structure, meaning they won’t remove vital nutrients. These facts have been proven by Scientific studies.

There are many forms of this mineral and Clinoptilolite is one that has been certified by the FDA in the US has being totally safe for humans. This means it won’t harm you, which makes it very different from most other detox products. Now we know which Zeolite is best for removing toxins from the body, you will want to know the most efficient way to achieve a toxic free state of being.

Activated Liquid Zeolite

In 2005, a new type of Zeolite product was born. A young Scientist, Rik Deitsch, discovered a patent for processing Zeolite that would revolutionise its use. He purchased the rights and set about refining and improving on the initial idea. The result is Natural Cellular Defense, a product that is Micronized, Activated, and produced in a liquid form. These three factors are important, and combine to make it still the most powerful Zeolite product on the planet. This is why it si now the preferred method of detoxing for millions. Let’s explain the processes and why they are important.

Zeolite Micronization

When the Zeolite is crushed using very sophisticated methods to a particle size of 2.5 microns or less, it generates a huge surface area to capture toxins. This size is important for another reason. At this small size, the Clinoptilolite particles are able to enter the blood stream from the colon, capturing heavy metals at the source, the cell receptors.


Zeolites in nature contain toxins from the environment. While these will not be deposited in the body, their presence greatly reduces the capacity of Clinoptilolite to absorb further toxins. It is sort of like a wet sponge. In this case it won’t absorb much water, where a dry sponge will absorb a great deal. Activation gives an exponential improvement meaning that quite small amounts provide a great results, and you don’t want to take any more into your body than you need of anything.


The third important factor is the delivery method. By suspending the Zeolite in pure water, it is much more readily absorbed into the blood stream. A much higher percentage reaches cell receptors where toxins are found, and thus it is much more efficient at removing these toxins at the source. Water is the preferred carrier as it is pure. Many Zeolite products contain additives and it is likely these reduce the effectiveness of the detox.


Natural Cellular Defense is the premium detox product available. Meeting all the above criteria this product efficiently removes toxins from the body, reducing body burden and freeing up the immune system to do its job of keeping you healthy. Over time it will get your body more alkaline, and lead to improved health. While it is not the only thing that will improve your health, it will free up your body to better use other herbs, mineral and vitamins to their best advantage.